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 2011 conference
"Art as PRAYER that HEALS" - Juanita Rasmus - Audio CD renovare11-WS1 Yes $8.00
"Arts—Education—Government—Media: Transformation and Culture" Matthew van Duyvenbode - Audio CD renovare11-WS2AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"Blueprint for Formation: Bible Building Blocks" - Stan Harstine - Audio CD renovare11-WS3AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"Bringing Ethiopia Home: Prayer and TransformationMargaret Campbell" - Audio CD renovare11-WS4AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"Business is Business—Everything Else Is God's: The False Narrative of Putting Business in a Box" - Bob Casper - Audio CD renovare11-WS5AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"Communion with the Faith of Jesus: Developing a Trinitarian Spiritual Life" Chris Kettler (Audio CD) renovare11-WS6AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"Family and Formation" - Mike Evans - Audio CD renovare11-WS10AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"Healing a Broken World Through Inner Transformation" Blake Barber & Matt Johnson - Audio CD renovare11-WS11AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"Renovation of the Church: Making Spiritual Formation the Center of Congregational Culture" - Kent Carlson & Mike Lueken - Audio renovare11-WS13AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"Spiritual Autobiography: God's Creative Handiwork in Progress" Carol Mullikin - Audio CD renovare11-WS14AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"The Evangelistic Apprentice" - Jimmy Taylor - Audio CD renovare11-WS8AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"The Spiritual Formation of a Leader in a Culture of Distraction" Bob Fryling - Audio CD renovare11-WS15AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"The Third Determinan" - Bill Allan - Audio CD renovare11-WS16AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"Time Is On Our Side: Transformation Through Christian Year Spirituality" - Paul Hill - Audio CD renovare11-WS17AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"When Worlds Collide: Doing Spiritual Formation with the Urban Poor" Daren Busenitz - Audio CD renovare11-WS18 Yes $8.00
"Women and Transformation" - Deidre Franklin - Audio CD renovare11-WS19AudioOnly Yes $8.00
"Worship and Transformation" - George Skramstad - Audio CD renovare11-WS20AudioOnly Yes $8.00
Entering the Jesus Dojo: A Practice-based Shared Approach to Spiritual Formation" - Mark Scandrette - Audio CD renovare11-WS9AudioOnly Yes $8.00
The End of the Beginning: Spiritual Formation as We Face Our Mortality – WS7 Richella Parham - Audio CD renovare11-WS7AudioOnly Yes $8.00