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 2005 conference
40 Days of Focus: 5000 Miles Across the US in 40 Days for ADD Awareness - Sandler ADD-W036 Yes $11.00
AD/HD & Boundaries: 3 Clear Steps to Powerful Boundaries - Baker ADD-W010 Yes $11.00
AD/HD & Executive Function: Understanding the Challenges - Dendy ADD-W030 Yes $11.00
AD/HD Assessment and Current Treatment Options - Young ADD-W002 Yes $11.00
AD/HD Medication Update: Current Medication; Medications Used to Treat Comorbid Conditions...- Young ADD-W014 Yes $11.00
AD/HD Parents with AD/HD Kids - Green ADD-W006 Yes $11.00
AD/HD and Mood Disorders - Surman ADD-W008 Yes $11.00
AD/HD and the College Student: A New Understanding ADD-W035 Yes $11.00
Are You Listening to Your Client? - Anderson ADD-W015 Yes $11.00
Assisting Those with AD/HD in finding a Good Career Match: Tools to Understand & Guide ADDers ADD-W001 Yes $11.00
Breakthrough Coaching Techniques: Part 1 - Discovering Your AD/HD Client's Strengths - Lynn/Rayburn ADD-W021 Yes $11.00
Coaching Couples, The Coming of the Third Entity - Zaretsky ADD-W033 Yes $11.00
Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Adult AD/HD: Conceptualization & Treatment - Ramsey ADD-W020 Yes $11.00
Collaborative Therapy for Clutter Management - Rotz ADD-W026 Yes $11.00
Disordered Eating as a Model for the Treatment of AD/HD and Addiction - Cohen ADD-W032 Yes $11.00
Dont' Doubt the Dreams - Mills ADD-W022 Yes $11.00
Fidget to Focus - Rotz ADD-W034 Yes $11.00
Going Beyond Individual to Becoming a Team Player - Drake NSTMC W1 Yes $8.00
Intimacy, Sexuality, and AD/HD - Davis ADD-W011 Yes $11.00
Juggling the Invisible: Managing Time & the Stuff That Fills It - McConlogue ADD-W004 Yes $11.00
Keynote 1: Welcome and Keynote ADD-KN01 Yes $11.00
Keynote 2: The Inner World & Emotional Lives of Adults with AD/HD - Solden ADD-KN02 Yes $11.00
Keynote 3: Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll - Hallowell ADD-KN03 Yes $11.00
Learning Doesn't Have to Be a Brain Drain (based on Myers-Briggs) - Sauber ADD-W016 Yes $11.00
Legal Issues Involving ADD & AD/HD in the Workplace - Bond ADD-W007 Yes $11.00
Neurobiology of AD/HD - Dickson ADD-W025 Yes $11.00
Overview of Alternative Treatments - Hallowell ADD-W023 Yes $11.00
Panel: Therapy & Coaching Panel Discussion: Answering Who What and When - Dupar/Clarke ADD-W009 Yes $11.00
Power Connections! How the ADD/ADHD Coach Can Quickly & Effectively Create Trust & Intimacy ADD-W003 Yes $11.00
Pre-Conference 2: When Too Much Isn't Enough: Ending the Cycle of AD/HD & Addiction - Richardson ADD-PC02 Yes $30.00
Pre-Conference 3: AD/HD and Comorbidities - Surman ADD-PC03 Yes $30.00
Pre-Conference 4: Building & Sustaining a Successful Coaching Practice - Charest/Luther/Milazzo/Dooley ADD-PC04 Yes $30.00
Procrastination: Where Organization & Decision-making Collide - Lancaster ADD-W029 Yes $11.00
Strategies for College Success - Sandler ADD-W005 Yes $11.00
Survival Tips for Women - Matlen ADD-W012 Yes $11.00
The Creative Spirit of the AD/HD Entrepreneur: Guided Panel Presentation - Giwerc ADD-W028 Yes $11.00
Using Music to Help a Person with AD/HD: Enchance His Memory & Performance - McClanahan ADD-W024 Yes $11.00
When AD/HD Goes to Work - Novotni ADD-W013 Yes $11.00
When Home is Not Enough: Therapeutic Placement Strategies for Young Adults with AD/HD and Comorbidities ADD-W031 Yes $11.00
You Are More Than Your Disorder: Feeling Your Power and Finding Your Place - Richardson ADD-W018 Yes $11.00