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 2016 Conference
2016CWA1211V Yes $15.00
2016CWA4764 Yes $6.00
2016CWA5512 Yes $6.00
2016CWA5511V Yes $15.00
4313 Keeping Kids Safe in the Media Age Bobbie Carlton Morrow Cater Chuck Dietzen Peter Rupert Lighte Moderator: Sabrina S 2016CWA4313 Yes $6.00
1112 Impacts of the Aging Population Bwire Chirangi Larry Greenwood Wendy Lustbader Thom Rotella Moderator: Tom Chesn 2016CWA1112A Yes $6.00
1113 How to Raise Money for Your Brilliant Idea Bobbie Carlton Cynthia Koenig Kate McLeod Sonja Hoel Perkins Moderator: Rob 2016CWA1113A Yes $6.00
1114 Technology is a Fetish Joseph Byrum David Grinspoon Oliver Morton Sidney Perkowitz Moderator: Andy Franklin 2016CWA1114 Yes $6.00
1115 Justice: Shining a Light on Wrongful Convictions Vivian Nixon Joe Sexton William Thorne Rob Warden Moderator: Matt Ben 2016CWA1115 Yes $6.00
1117 March to the Beat of Your Own Drum James Tanabe Mary Reynolds Thompson Ernie Watts David Wilcox Moderator: Courtney Ho 2016CWA1117 Yes $6.00
1118 International Migration Joanne Grady Huskey Steven Rubin Hoi Trinh B.J. Whetstine Moderator: Laura DeLuca 2016CWA1118 Yes $6.00
1119 Happens to You”: Ending Sexual Assault on College Campuses Ellie Boldman Hill Sofie Karasek Bill Martin Adam J. Schrag 2016CWA1119 Yes $6.00
1305 ARIA: Why I Risk My Life to Bring You the News Anna Therese Day Moderator: Jeffrey Brown 2016CWA1305 Yes $6.00
1312 The 27 Words in the Second Amendment Robert G. Kaufman Daniel Stid James E. Viator Mary G. Wilson 2016CWA1312 Yes $5.00
1318 My Future According to Science and Technology Jamais Cascio Eric Lindstrom Max Nanis 2016CWA1318 Yes $6.00
1400 HOWARD HIGMAN MEMORIAL PLENARY: How Free Enterprise Can Solve Climate Change Robert Inglis Moderator: Todd Gleeson 2016CWA1400 Yes $6.00
1415 Improv in Art & Music Sam Cook René Marie Matthew Nelson Andrea Polli Joshua Roman Moderator: Daniel Jones 2016CWA1415 Yes $6.00
1512 Views and Voices of Islam Anna Therese Day Ismail Elfath Alexandra Huddleston Zainab Zeb Khan Moderator: Julia Halaby 2016CWA1512 Yes $6.00
1513 What We Need in a President Mark Fallon Malou Innocent Aruna Kalyanam Rob Warden Moderator: Christopher Brauchli 2016CWA1513 Yes $6.00
1514 Communism Won Some Battles but Lost the War Gregory Bowles Peter Rupert Lighte Srdja Popovic Hoi Trinh Moderator: Jess 2016CWA1514 Yes $6.00
1516 US Income Inequality & the American Dream Arturo Ardila-Gomez Michael G. Franc Reza Ramazani Moderator: Jeffrey Zax 2016CWA1516 Yes $6.00
1518 CLIMATE SERIES: When the Oceans Rise Peter C. Frumhoff Eric Lindstrom Charlie Menzie Moderator: Douglas Dupler 2016CWA1518 Yes $6.00
1519 Digital Piracy: Helping Arrrtists Starrrve Rony Barrak Marshall Gilkes Gooding Don Grusin Moderator: Andrew Shoemaker 2016CWA1519 Yes $6.00
1565 Scalia Jameson Jones Robert G. Kaufman James E. Viator Moderator: Fred Bloom 2016CWA1565 Yes $6.00
1666 ROUNDTABLE: The Lost Art of Conversation Sam Cook Gooding Ellen Sweets David Wilcox Moderator: Ralph Gregory 2016CWA1666 Yes $6.00
1706 INTERVIEW: My Story, My Words I Korey Wise Moderator: Kristy Martinez 2016CWA1706 Yes $6.00
1712 Trigger Warning: This is a Political Correctness Panel Malou Innocent Sofie Karasek Bill Martin Moderator: Christina Go 2016CWA1712 Yes $6.00
1714 Girl Geeks Unite! Bonnie Burton Bobbie Carlton Francesca Grifo Sonja Hoel Perkins Moderator: Erin Frazier 2016CWA1714 Yes $6.00
1716 War and Empire Building: The Lessons of History - Audio CD 2016CWA1716A Yes $6.00
1717 REALLY Long-Term Thinking Douglas Carlston Jamais Cascio Sidney Perkowitz Seth Shostak Moderator: Sharon Adams 2016CWA1717 Yes $6.00
1718 Educating Students to be Global Citizens Mike Cordano Andrés Edwards Vivian Onano Andrea Polli Moderator: Steven Leigh 2016CWA1718 Yes $6.00
1719 Business & Government Can Work Together Liz Blake Kelly Eplee Scott C. Miller Eugene Sepulveda Moderator: Sean Maher 2016CWA1719 Yes $6.00
1816 After Assad: Chaos or Reconciliation? Anna Therese Day Robert G. Kaufman Diane Singerman Moderator: Nabil Echchaibi 2016CWA1816 Yes $6.00
1856 ARIA: Vietnam War - 40 Years Later... And the Conflict Continues Hoi Trinh Moderator: Paul Repetto 2016CWA1856 Yes $6.00
1866 Gender Fluidity Aaron Balick Athena Edmonds Antoinette Gawin Moderator: Dorothy Rupert 2016CWA1866 Yes $6.00
1912 CWA@Night States: Underappreciated Labs of Democracy Marilinda Garcia Ellie Boldman Hill Robert Inglis Frank Shafroth 2016CWA1912 Yes $6.00
1999 CWA@Night KEYNOTE ADDRESS An Evening with Steve Wozniak 7:00-8:00 PM Presented by Cultural Events Board Moderator: Philip 2016CWA1999 Yes $6.00
2163 Historical What Ifs & Near Misses Larry Greenwood Vicki J. Huddleston Heather Hurlburt Srdja Popovic Moderator: Susan 2016CWA2163 Yes $6.00
2166 Corporations have Mentors, Startups have Heroes Antoinette Gawin Kate McLeod Sonja Hoel Perkins Eugene Sepulveda Moder 2016CWA2166 Yes $6.00
2167 Who is Not at the Power Table? Malou Innocent Vivian Nixon William Thorne Moderator: Tina Marquis 2016CWA2167 Yes $6.00
2169 Gamification & Innovative Teaching Alex Berezow Douglas Carlston Mike Cordano Moderator: Anne Bliss 2016CWA2169 Yes $6.00
2314 Rethinking Attitudes toward Sustainability Andrés Edwards Peter C. Frumhoff Matthew Nelson Andrea Polli Moderator: Reb 2016CWA2314 Yes $6.00
2315 Door Open/Door Closed: The Immigrant Experience in America Zainab Zeb Khan Reza Ramazani Mary Reynolds Thompson Charli 2016CWA2315 Yes $6.00
2316 Thumbs Up: The Future of Film & Media Bonnie Burton Seth Shostak Moderator: Howie Movshovitz 2016CWA2316 Yes $6.00
2462 Police Shootings: When the “Perfect Storm” is the Perfect Police Cop-Out Adam J. Schrager Joe Sexton William Thorne Ro 2016CWA2462 Yes $6.00
2463 What Would the Founding Fathers Do? Joseph Byrum Sonja Hoel Perkins Daniel Stid James E. Viator Moderator: Scott Schae 2016CWA2463 Yes $6.00
2464 Traditional Families: Going, Going, Gone Chuck Dietzen Athena Edmonds Wendy Lustbader Moderator: Susan Litt 2016CWA2464 Yes $6.00
2465 Money is Speech but is Anyone Buying? Ellie Boldman Hill Robert Inglis Aruna Kalyanam Mary G. Wilson Moderator: Hillar 2016CWA2465 Yes $6.00
2466 CLIMATE SERIES: Theories & Myths of Climate Change David Grinspoon Eric Lindstrom Oliver Morton Paul Wapner Moderator: 2016CWA2466 Yes $6.00
2467 What Story Are You Living? Bobbie Carlton Vivian Nixon Mary Reynolds Thompson B.J. Whetstine Moderator: Michael Maloy 2016CWA2467 Yes $6.00

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