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NOTE: If you have any cds or dvds from past Promise Keepers events and would like to have us archive them so other men can purchase them, please send your copy to Tim Skurdahl at: 4487 W 64th Place, Arvada, CO 80003. We will make a copy for the library and send you back your original immediately. We have the cds and dvds from 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 so we won't need those years. Thanks so much!"

Here is a list of current conferences available:


Eden Prairie, MN
Phoenix, AZ
Stockton, CA
Baton Rouge, LA
Dallas, TX
Birmingham, AL


Baton Rouge, LA 2014 Conference
Jacksonville, FL 2014 Conference
Peoria, IL 2014 Conference
Loveland, CO 2014 Conference
Wallingford, CT 2014 Conference

2013 and older

Phoenix, AZ 2013 Conference
Nashville, TN 2013 Conference
Cedar Falls, IA 2013 Conference
Battle Creek, MI 2013 Conference
Tulsa, OK 2013 Conference
Daytona Beach, FL 2013 Conference
Orlando, FL 2012 Conference
San Diego, CA 2012 Conference
Garland, TX 2012 Conference
Cleveland, OH 2012 Conference
Cedar Falls, IO 2012 Conference
Toward Jerusalem Council II Conference
- Akron 2011 Conference
- Denver 2011 Conference

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